BR Bikes and Repairs

Tuneups & Repairs

We offer a full range of services to keep your bike in excellent working condition.

We’ll be happy to assist with flat tires, tuneups, gears, brakes, trueing wheels, installing accessories, hub overhaul, safety checks, assembly, and just about anything you might need!

Tuneups cost $80 and include brake adjustments, gear adjustments, laterally trueing wheels, minor adjustments to hubs/headset/bottom bracket, cleaning and lubricating chain and drivetrain, inspecting and tightening bolts as needed, air in tires, and a test ride. If the brake pads, cables, or chain need to be replaced during a tuneup, then the labor charge is waived and we’ll provide an updated estimate including the price of the parts. 

We are also happy to do more comprehensive work. If you want to give your vintage bike a new lease on life, ask us about a full refurbishment.

Walk-ins are always welcome. For a quicker turnaround time, you may choose to make an appointment

Give us a call! (414) 374-3261 (English) or (414)-573-4237 (Spanish)