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Contrary to what some people think, new doesn’t always mean better! Good quality bicycles are built to last. If you have a bike that’s been hanging in the garage for 20 or 30 years, or even longer, chances are it still has plenty of life left in it. True, older bikes often have issues such as rust, dry rotted tires, and stiffness in the hubs. But at BR Bikes and Repairs, we specialize in refurbishing vintage bikes. That means getting rid of all those issues and giving the bike a new lease on life!

A vintage Nishiki road bike with a dark blue frame leans against a tree. It looks dusty, and the tires are dry rotted.

Pictured above is a customer’s Nishiki road bike. It’s a great bike, but it’s not really rideable.

The process of refurbishment involves taking the bike apart and performing a detailed cleaning and rust removal for each individual component.

Some parts may need to be replaced or adjusted. We then put the bike back together, and in the process we do a full tuneup and overhaul the hubs, crankset, and headset.

Our refurbishments start at $200. That is the cost for labor; any replacement parts and transportation costs are added to give the total. We provide each customer a detailed estimate before starting work. In some cases, we may require a deposit.

The end result is a bike that looks great and rides great! After our refurbishment, the bike is just as safe, dependable, and smooth to ride as a newer model.

Every vintage bike has a story. It could be a garage sale find, a gift from a friend, a family heirloom, or an artifact of an earlier time in your life. We are happy to work on any type of bicycle: road bikes, mountain bikes, commuters, cruisers, hybrids, kids’ bikes, and so on. Here are some pictures of other bicycles we’ve refurbished.

If you are thinking about getting a bicycle refurbished, feel free to reach out! We’ll be happy to take a look at your bike and discuss options.

To see more photos and videos of our refurbishment work, check out our social media!